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24 KT Gold bottle with a Gold Panner

Destiny Jewelry 2

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24 KT Gold bottle with a Gold Panner

Bottle contains 24 K gold flake

with a gold plated fine

pewter Gold Panner on the top.

Bottle will be name dropped Genuine Gold.

Bottle measures 1 1/4 in. by 2 1/2 in. tall.

Manufactured in the USA

Enjoy and Cherish your small Treasure!
GOLD!! the one item man has sought and desired since the beginning of time.
Gold has been found in every state where prospectors turned the Earth, panned in streams, and dug in the mountains to find their fortunes.
This Beautiful Keepsake Containing Genuine 24K Gold,  was proudly made right here in the USA. 
Destiny Pewter wants to keep the history of gold rushes Alive

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